Dirty Cops - Episode 3

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Title: Dirty Cops - Episode 3
Description: District Attorney Hopkins (Isiah Maxwell) interviews Gibbs's girls, Gigi (Xwife Karen) and Cindy (Connie Perignon), and they hint that they might be able to help find the missing cop, but not from lockup. The DA has Officer Baker (Jmac) take the women to the cell, and Gigi and Cindy see the opportunity for escape... if they can convince Baker to unlock the bars. The women treat him to a show, and Cindy talks him into taking out his cock. They suck it and back up onto it, and a little sweet talking convinces him it would feel much better without the bars in the way! The horny babes take the time to share the cop's dick till he busts on their faces before they bust out.
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