Interracial threesome with gym MILF

24:48 38 8 months ago
Title: Interracial threesome with gym MILF
Description: Boyfriend and girlfriend Adriana Rys and Yves Morgan are working out in the Fitness Rooms, with Lady Gang working out out a little ways away. Neither member of the couple can resist the sight of Lady's big, round booty, and Yves has to excuse himself before he gets too horny. Adriana walks up to Lady and asks to work out with her, confessing how attractive she finds the busty brunette. Lady flirts back, rubbing Adriana's shoulders and then squeezing her big boobs. Yves returns to find them kissing, but instead of being upset, he suggests a threesome. The ladies take out Yves' big cock and give him a double blowjob, then Lady and Yves strip Adriana together to worship her booty. Yves fucks Adriana doggystyle while fingering Lady, then Lady feels his big dick inside her tight, wet pussy. After some riding and lots of orgasms, the ladies rub their boobs together and Yves cums between them, then they make out with him cum!


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