Fuck)Dana Vespoli in Dana Vespoli Gets Her Tight Ass Filled

9:59 78 12 months ago
Title: Fuck)Dana Vespoli in Dana Vespoli Gets Her Tight Ass Filled
Description: A veteran seductress, Dana Vespoli, visits James Deen for some good time. In their own world, good time is a synonym on getting freaky and gets fucked all around. Seeing Dana with her glasses and her sweet tattoos mixing and making whole new look, James had no qualms on giving her some gentle fucking. Dana and James was on the pool when they started their little game. They both got into sticking their tongues in each other’s throat and go around the pool by doing this. Eventually, Dana sits on the pool side and James starts licking her shaved pussy above her swimsuit. James goes at it for a good while until he decided that it’s also time for his dick to come into spotlight. He stands up and starts ravaging her fuck hole. After a while, James drags her near the house under a shade and bent her over. He continued jackhammer fucking her hole and occasionally grabs her by the neck. His hands travelled quite a lot at this time. He fondled her breast in his free time. In that same place, James made her go down on her knees and slurp on his dick. He goes deep and made her gag a few times. After that, James drags Dana inside the house and slammed her on the bed. James buries his face into her ass and eventually goes on top and continues fucking her brains out. Dana gets dragged in different fucking positions by James. At some point, Dana was riding his dick and flipped herself over a few times. She must really like big dicks messing her deep inside her guts. James ended this little fuck session by making Dana drop down to the floor and wait for the cum to cover her mouth and make her swallow some. Dana was nice enough to clean up his dick afterwards.


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