Silvia Soprano in My Pussy Needs Warming Up

15:00 109 1 year ago
Title: Silvia Soprano in My Pussy Needs Warming Up
Description: This Italian brunette got into the taxi today by the name of Silvia Soprano. She was not used to the weather here, and was freezing cold. Unfortunately, my heater was broken, but as we drove, she started to panic. Suddenly, I heard her say "I can't feel my pussy! It's totally frozen!" I told her to try fingering herself, that maybe this would help with blood circulation. As she touched herself, she told me how much better she was feeling, so I offered to join her in the backseat to help her even more. I pulled over, and had my dick out before I even parked. Silvia sucked my dick and balls, then I stuffed her tight, wet pussy with my hard cock until I pulled out to cum on her face!


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