Alison Avery in Alison Avery Is Addicted to Stepdaddy's Cock

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Title: Alison Avery in Alison Avery Is Addicted to Stepdaddy's Cock
Description: Bombshell, blonde, big ass, big tits teen, Alison Avery, has not forgotten about the last time her stepdaddy shoved his thick cock inside her tight little teen pussy, so now that her mom is gone for a while she wants to see if he’d be on board to give her that sweet, sweet thick dick. However, her stepdad is extremely hesitant about doing it because her mom could come home and kill him. Alison, however, in a skimpy outfit that shows off a good amount of cleavage convinces him and she takes off stepdaddy’s basketball shorts to reveal his cock. Expertly, she begins to suck that cock that she has missed. She sucks him, jerks him, licks his balls and makes sure that his cock reaches the back of her throat and chokes on it. Alison stops for a bit, showing off her bodacious body and tattoos, and pulls down her bottoms and begins to rub her clit while talking dirty and making her stepdaddy anxious to be inside her tight little pussy. She sucks him off to lube up his cock, and then shoves his thick dick inside her pussy. Alison gasps and moans as she rides him and he stretches her out. Alison fucks her stepdaddy and takes command of his cock. After some sensual riding, she sucks his cock clean and sucks and licks his balls until they’re drenched in her spit. Stepdaddy fucks her in standing missionary position and Alison moans and begs for her stepdad to fuck her deeper and harder while she rubs her tiny clit and her tits bounce up and down. They stop quickly as they hear her mom come back home. Later, her mom leaves again, and her horny stepdad comes into her room begging to fuck her again, but this time Alison is annoyed and isn’t sure if they should. Alison gives in to his groveling, but she just can’t say no to stepdaddy’s thick cock. She gets on her belly and swallows stepdad’s cock whole. Alison rides stepdaddy in reverse cowgirl position, bouncing her PAWG ass up and down on his cock; they’re both in ecstasy. She gets off him and licks him from his taint until the very top of his cock. Stepdaddy fucks her in standing doggystyle position and she moans with every single thrust. Stepdaddy finally cums all over her back and back dimple piercings.


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