Bad habit made the hot busty Katerina go to seek help

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Title: Bad habit made the hot busty Katerina go to seek help
Description: I am Dr. Stovik, a scientist in the field of hypnosis and my scientific methods are 100% successful. Katerina is a chubby girl with huge breasts, she knocked on my door today. The busty blonde woman was unhappy because her bad habit of smoking complicates her personal life and especially her promising career. I decided to test a completely new, revolutionary withdrawal method on her. I mesmerized her and during the trance I replaced the object of her desire with another object, healthier and safer. In short, I convinced her that she needed a hard dick instead of a cigarette. I fucked her mega-tits, drowned in that chubby pussy, and finally I covered the natural gigantic melons all over with cum. So it was hard work! When Katerina woke up from hypnosis, she didn't understand why her breasts were covered with cum, but the craving for the cigarettes was gone. Like I said, my methods just work one hundred percent.


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