Adel Sunshine in Too Close for Hubby's Comfort

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Title: Adel Sunshine in Too Close for Hubby's Comfort
Description: Adele’s a slutty looking, raven haired European hottie. She and her supportive husband renew an age old classic, inviting in the big, black pizza delivery man to fuck her hungry holes while her voyeuristic hubby enjoys the show. She wastes little time removing her clothes, knowing that once this dark Don Juan sees her tight toned body, with her small perfectly formed breasts, that he will be unable to resist her charms, and she is right. Seeing this carnal cutie naked, all hesitancy vanishes as he feeds her his own giant pepperoni sausage, pushing her head down onto his ginormous, big, black dinosaur dick. It looks as though she must have had to unhinge her jaw like a snake so as to be able to consume such a long thick pipe. Her horny husband seems to be getting off watching as much as she gets off sucking, as he advises her to lay down on the bed so he can lick her pretty shaved snatch, to prepare her for being penetrated with this monumental meat stick as she continues her obsessive sucking, enchanted by the dark magic of this wizard’s wand. She has clearly fallen under its spell. Once she has been sufficiently moistened, their sable stud slides his colossal horse cock into her quivering quim, making her moan and scream from the insertion of the first stout inch of his impressive prick, opening the floodgates to release the torrential tsunami of her all-consuming, obsessive cock addicted desires. With her being unable to do anything but moan and scream, her helpful hubby encourages their brawny stud to slip his inky black towering obelisk of lust up into her tight whore’s bunghole, plowing her back alley with such intensity that she starts to speak in tongues. So that her husband can get closer to the action, their ebony Casanova continues his anal drilling in spoon, allowing hubby to be able to lick her hard clit while his pitch black weapon of ass destruction pulverizes her gluttonous asshole with his powerful frenzied plowing. Being a candidate for husband of the year, he later gets into a 69 with his wife so he can lick her cunt while their swarthy stud slams his gargantuan donkey dick up her back alley and his big, black balls slap hubby in the face. Undaunted, he never takes his talented tongue off of her tingling clitoris. Really getting off on this anal assault, he immediately jumps at the chance to lick her tender, well-fucked asshole whenever the stud’s humongous tool slips out. Barely able to catch her breath or do anything other than moan and scream while having a record setting number of gut-wrenching orgasms, which this greedy bitch revels in as they continue unabated, this donkey dick appears to be the drug-like fix she needs to feed her cock addicted yearnings. As their sable friend pulverizes her asshole with his elephantine third leg firmly planted up her tight bunghole, the husband licks her love button, unleashing her inner slut demon. She works that massive meat saber deeper into her ass like a woman possessed, screaming like a banshee from hell, milking every ounce of pleasure from every impassioned thrust that she can, while greedily begging for more, just as her husband planned. Reaching his breaking point, their swarthy Lothario pulls out of her ass and slams his power piston into her cunt in missionary, pounding her hard and fast as if it were the final lap of Le Mans as he works up to his own release while the greedy bitch screams at him to keep giving her more. He finally pulls out just as a great gob of creamy goop erupts from his mammoth member all over her belly, which her husband then quickly proceeds to hungrily lick up so he can then pass it on to his slut of a wife in a big sloppy snowball of a kiss.
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