Jessie Volt in Jessie Volt: Horny And In Need Of Occupied Holes

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Title: Jessie Volt in Jessie Volt: Horny And In Need Of Occupied Holes
Description: Stunning blonde babe Jessie Volt loves hanging out with her friends. Today, she is chilling with two guy friends by the poolside. The three are having a nice conversation while drinking champagne. The simple get-together takes a drastic turn when the three friends start fooling around with one another. The two guys can't stop their lust anymore. They want to fuck Jessie hard, so they lead her indoors. Jessie is not new in this kind of thing. She perfectly knows what her guy friends want, and she is more than willing to give it to them. The three friends begin to make out in the living room. Jessie lies on the couch and surrenders her pussy and asshole to her friends. The sight of her pink pussy turns these gentlemen into sex maniacs. Jessie gets down on her knees. The guys stand on her sides with their dicks pointing towards her pretty face. Jessie strokes the cum at the same time while alternately giving the boys a sloppy blowjob. The blonde slut lies back on the couch and spreads out her legs. One of the guts shoves his big black cock into her pussy while the other is busy sticking his dick into her mouth. The feeling of being dominated by two big cocks made Jessie extremely horny. She wants a dick into her asshole as well. The guys do not want to disappoint their friend, so they sandwiched her and stuff their dicks in both of her holes. Jessie can feel the cocks filling up her pussy and asshole. The two men continue to double-penetrate their friend, constantly swapping holes. They keep on fucking Jessie until they feel like they are about to explode. They pull their cock from her pussy and asshole and strokes it hard. Jessie opens her mouth and delightfully receives the warm cum into her mouth.


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