Bartender went to a public bathroom for a dirty sex session

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Title: Bartender went to a public bathroom for a dirty sex session
Description: Spying on Czech girls is amazing fun! All you need is the futuristic glass and then you can set off for a hunt! Guys, these glasses are from the future! Girls have no idea they are becoming movie stars Ales and Libor are heading to the city tonight, to get laid and have some fun. They hit on a girl with a broken leg and drag her into the closest bar. Broken Petra has to leave and Libor is walking her. Fuck her, man! You’ll tell me tomorrow! Shit, we’d use another glasses. Ales’ blood is almost boiling, so is his ego. He tries to charm the bartender and fuck her. Lucka knows her job and customers well though, but she also fancies Ales. Let’s move to the bathrooms. Just for a while, so the boss wouldn’t notice. He fucked her on the floor and on the sink. She had no idea he filmed her all the time. Man, this was a wild ride! Blonde bartender wipes the semen out of her face and hurries behind the bar. The secret agent walks away, looking forward to his bed. Mission accomplished! The true non-committal sex.


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